Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I Wonder

Moose is adopted. What should I do with this blog? I can't seem to get the new owners of Moose to take over posting (as much as I'd like it). I wonder if I should keep this or let it go or just abandon it. Any thoughts?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anyone in Southern Ontario?

Read below. If this doesn't tug at your heartstrings, you're not human.

From my friend Jan (via email)

OK, this pair of dogs has really hit my soft spot. Especially after talking to the vet and finding out that *today* is their birthday [ed. their birthday was actually yesterday 9/26]. So I am sitting here crying ........

Max and Katie are 11 years old today. They are brother and sister and have been together their entire lives. And they need someone special to give them a chance to live a longer and happy life.

Their owners lived in Chicago. The older gentleman who owned them passed away about a month ago. His wife had passed away about 1 month before that. The police came, and were going to take Max and Katie away. But a very kind neighbor, who had known and loved both the people and the dogs convinced the police to let her have the dogs and try and find them a new home.

She (the woman, her name is Rose) has had custody of the two dogs since sometime in mid August when the previous owner died. She cannot keep them in her apartment where she lives, so she had convinced her brother to keep them at this house until she can find help. I have a feeling that the brother is tiring of this arrangement. She has called a LOT of people. OES rescue was the only rescue to call her back. She was even calling vets (including one who suggested that she just bring them in, and he would put them to sleep for her). She leaves work every day and drives over to her brother's house to let them out, help take care of them and spend time there. She also describes herself as "not a dog person". She is just trying to help the dogs of her old friends, and the dogs themselves.

She says that they are nice dogs. They are friendly. Since the brother has had them, only one day did one of the dogs go to the bathroom in the house. He leaves them loose in the house and they have not caused any other problems. They are quiet, sweet dogs. She said that when she goes over to the house she lets them outside. She was surprised that they did not want to run around, they just came back and sat by the door to be back in with the people. They lie around, and do not jump on people, but they do come when called, but seem confused on why they are there ........ they come to be petted when asked. But are getting more friendly as they adjust to the different situation ........

I have talked to the vet who has taken care of them since 1997, and Katie is very healthy. Max has some pain from hip dysplasia and some inflammation in his spine, so he limps and probably cannot do stairs. The vet just late last year started him on Deramax and thyroid medication. Can someone find a place in their heart and home for these guys.

Jan and Sadie (we will deliver Max and Katie ...)
And someone did! There is a woman in Ontario, Canada who wants to bring Max and Katie to live with her. The rescue organizations are trying to facilitate transportation now. If you are in the Southern Ontario area, would you consider contacting Jan ( or me?