Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moose Antics...

Moose Antics Mini Moose is a delightful, funny little dog.

His favorite spot to sleep when we're not home is right by the back door. More times than not, we have to open the door slowly to slide him out of the way. Good thing we don't have carpet anymore, makes sliding so much easier! He also loves to sleep in front of the fridge. Of course it's always when I'm trying to cook dinner. So I do the typical "nudge the puppy" to get him to move. Unfortunately Mini Moose was never taught as a puppy that the nudge means move out of the way. He just lays there and gives you a look as to say "what, I'm sleeping here".

Mini Moose and Puddy are making some headway on their relationship. Several times they've been on the couch or bed together. Puddy is learning to move slowly while Moose is around or make the mad dash when he's looking the other way. Freckles on the other hand is still trying to hide whenever she's in the house. I found Mini Moose standing on the night stand today barking at Freckles on the chest of drawers. I tapped his little wiggle butt and pointed to the bed. He followed the direction and laid down for a nap. What a good boy he is.

We love this little guy and all that he's brought to our lives.

Until next time,