Friday, October 24, 2008

Trial and Error!

Well, Stew is teaching me the ways of Blogging! This should be interesting and also a fun learning experience. I will now be able to load my own pics and hopefully video antics of the Mooselet. Stay tuned and wish me luck!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got a Mooselet Update!

(Trumpet Fanfare)!!! From his new Family:

Long Overdue Mooselet Update!
Moose has been with us for 3 months now. We are still working through the puppy stage and finding out things that Moose likes and dislikes. As you can tell from the picture, he loves being the center of attention. He is still learning how to live with two kitties, or should I say they are learning how to live with Moose! As I posted on the OES List, I came home one morning to find Moose on top of the chest of drawers with Freckles (the cat) trapped in the corner. He was happily barking his little fuzzy head off. Freckles did not find it nearly as much fun as Moose did.

Moose has become a very accomplished counter surfer, up high, down low, he doesn't care. If it smells interesting, he's going to get into it. I've been forced to put all the children's lunch snacks in containers with lids. Moose out smarted me by bumping the container to the floor and off came the lid! He helped himself to granola bars and oatmeal pies. Now, if he would just figure out how to throw his trash away!

Moose is also doing well with learning sign language. He sits, stays, shakes and lays down pretty consistently. We will work on a couple more commands over the next few months. He is a very smart dog. It's amazing how many people want dogs put down because of their deafness. Sad, very sad. They are missing out on some really great companions.

Here is a picture of Moose sleeping on the couch. I'd say he's pretty comfortable here and for that we are very happy! We all love that "funny little puppy" as my husband calls him.