Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun Games According to Mooselet

The weather is still pretty nice here in NC and Ralph and Mini Moose have been spending more time outside in the afternoon. Mini Moose has discovered two really fun games. One is Hide and Seek. He loves to run the fence line and run figure eights around the trees and swingset. After he gets that first burst of energy out, he "hides" behind a really big pine tree and waits for Ralph to come out from the Azelea bushes. Of course, then the chase is on! Mini Moose thinks he's so sneaky. It's really fun to watch them run and play together.

Moose's other favorite game to play is Keep Away. Of course, I don't find the humor in this game when I have to leave to take the children to school or I have to go to work. I have found that if I let Ralph out of the fence that Mini Moose will give in after a few minutes and will come and sit by the gate so we can go back to the house. He doesn't like to be outside by himself. He's a pretty smart fuzzlet.
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Carolyn Elefant said...

Hi Moose!

My baby, Francesca (aka Frisky) is a 100 percent deaf OES, born January 18, 2004. My mom gave her to us as a gift and after she'd been with us a few weeks, we realized that she seemed hard of hearing. I took her to have a BAER test and learned that she was 100 percent deaf. Since she was purchased in NJ, we had the option of trading her in for another dog, which of course, I could never do. Eventually, we received a partial refund.
Francesca is the best dog. She's completely hand-trained, and she walks leash-less with my husband. She'll often push herself outside the front door and just hang out for hours on the stoop. She talks to me - always barking when she needs to go out, and sometimes she'll even plop a plastic bag in my lap to let me know it's time for a walk. When my husband is out on travel, Francesca snuggles up with me in the bed and she crams herself into the space under my desk while I work. She is a big, happy, blue-eyed precious baby and makes our family whole. Here's a photo -

Carolyn Elefant

Kristi said...

Carolyn - Frisky sounds like a great Sheepie. Mooselet is our 2nd deaf OES. It's fun watching him discover new things here at home and play with the children. He enjoys the attention he gets. We're working on the leash thing, but he still wants to wander and explore.