Monday, July 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Mooses OH MY!

By Kristi

Saturday morning we all went to Stew and Jennifer’s house to pick up Mini Moose and head back to NC. After letting the puppies play for a little while, collecting all of Moose’s things, we loaded up the truck and started our 500 mile journey home. We folded down the middle seats in the Suburban giving the dogs a good 4 X 5’ space to lie down and be comfortable. Trying to convince Mini Moose that while there was enough room to play, riding down the interstate was not the best time to initiate play with Ralph.

When we stopped to get lunch, Carlos took the dogs out for a short walk. Before I could get to the back of our truck, a van stops to ask about the dogs. It turns out the lady has two OES of her own. We told her that we had just adopted Mini Moose and shared the blog address with her. Before I got in to order our lunch, I got stopped by yet another lady asking about the dogs. She thought they were OES but had not seen one shaved down and thought they were beautiful.

Once home, Mini Moose and Ralph played for a little while before sacking out for the night. Ralph found his favorite place on the nice cool floor while Mini Moose found his spot on the couch. Both puppies slept through the night.

Today has been a lazy down here in eastern NC. The dogs have played inside and outside for a while. Mini Moose introduced himself to the two cats in the house. One cat, Freckles, stood her ground with Mini Moose. The other cat, Puddy, decided her best bet was to run. Needless to say, the chase was on! Hopefully in time they will all find a way to live together, let’s hope that time is soon.

We have promised to keep this blog up-to-date with Stew’s help. He and Jennifer have done an excellent job in fostering this little guy getting him ready for his furever home. More to follow as Mini Moose Magoo settles into life here with cats, another OES and three upright children.


Rachel Lucas said...

This makes me happy. Wish there were more people like you! said...

HEY MOOSE! We heart Moose

angie worthington said...

kristi, this is GREAT!!! happy that you guys have gotten another OES!...