Thursday, July 3, 2008

Letter to manufacturer

Dear Manufacturer,
You seem to have faulty merchandise that you're trying to foist off on the public. I'm very upset to find out that this dog cannot hear. Obviously this dog is defective. Worthless. Nobody could want him I'm sure.

Oh sure he's as cute as all the other dogs. Cuter even sometimes. But he can't hear me tell him no. I don't get the head tilt that I'm expecting when I say his name. In fact, what good is it to even name him? He can't hear.

Yeah there are moments that he shows an unbelievable amount of affection. Cuddling up with me and touching me. It seems that he's always touching me. Why? Is it because he can't hear that he's so attuned to touch? He sleeps so close to me. It's unusual and I'm uncomfortable with all this affection. Why can't he just be a "normal" dog?

I think that in light of all these obvious flaws; his sweet loving nature, his need to be touched and near the ones he loves, his overwhelming intelligence -- it's simply best that he just be put down.

Nobody could possibly want a deaf dog.

The preceding is a tongue in cheek, satire.


Anonymous said...

It's astounding to consider that there are people who really think like that.

Thank ${DEITY} he's in your care.

Stew Magoo said...

The really astounding thing is that there are people who are breeders and even people who rescue animals that feel that way.

This one is safe though!

Anonymous said...

This is a msg to the messed up person who said that!

Ok U might b a person who doesnt want a deaf dog But This would b my 2nd! They wanted to put my 1st down too! And thank u very much they are NOT worthless! My Deaf dog was amazing! And think about it this way. Are u saying tht people with defects should b put down?

-The Proud New Owner Of Moose and the Proud Former owner of Chelsea a deaf WONDERFUL dog!

Anonymous said...

O Im a little slow I just figured out that the letter was a fake! LoL! I guess I got so overprotective cuz Ive owned a Deaf SheepDog Before and overlooked the Label: No Im not Serious! LoL! But Yes I agree that Its amazing that people really think like that!

-The Kind of Slow But Still Proud New owner og Moose and the Proud Former Owner of Chelsea said...

At first I was like OH HELL TO THE NO! I was worried I was going to have to go kick some butt.

Anonymous said...

Brendalove-So was I! Then I realized it was a fake and I was like Ooooohhhh! Im so slow! Haha! I got so worked up cause Ive owned a sheepdog before and I had her since i was 2 and she was about how old moose is now and she just died in November-December Right before I turned 13. But I swear if i run across ANYONE who says something like that I will literally get the attitude of my mother Kristi, (Yes We are the new owners of moose! Yay!) and beat them down. Haha!