Friday, June 20, 2008

The June 19 Adventure (Part One)

So last night I took The Majestic Mööse (His Majesty the Moosafus Minimus) on a long bedtime walk. I eschewed biking because my neck and back feels sort of like a cross between [insert something bad] and [insert something worse]. Walking was much better if you know what I'm saying.

And so we walked around the neighborhood, down the street and into another neighborhood (probably two or three miles total) and on the way back we met... da dum DAAAAAAAAA

A CAT!!!

So I figured whatever. He's on a leash and if the cat turns into Satan on us I can always yank him back to safety. So we approached. and here's what happened:
  1. The cat noticed him.
  2. The cat sank to the ground in a pose reminiscent of a soldier in a foxhole.
  3. The cat apparently had hidden under it's fur a fully fueled Boeing 747, three diesel dump trucks, Megadeth (the band) and an entire concert stadium of hopped up Megadeth fans. I say this because they all suddenly turned on.
  4. The cat then turned into Satan.
And Moosafus Minimus the Majestic just wanted to play...

He's not too bright occasionally. Because I'm pretty sure that even being deaf he could hear the sounds that cat was making. I didn't sleep well and probably won't for a week from the nightmares.

Tomorrow, the rest of last night's saga. You'll freak. I did.

But here's my little Mini Moose learning to sit!

I realize that I'm not doing a very good job of signing but 1. I have only one hand and the ASL sit command takes two and 2. as long as I'm consistent he doesn't care. And he's LEARNING! He's being a very sweet, smart and good boy. When he's not being bad.

3 comments: said...

Crillie managed to jerk the leash out of my hand to go after a deer. Into the woods. Leash dragging behind. It was almost dark. I was so scared, but he finally came back to me.

Moose said...

Dear Brenda Love, yes we hounds have a natural predator instinct. But we also have an instinct for being fed without having to actually DO anything.

Except for being cute. Which I'm sure Crillie does quite well.

Sage Moose advice

Dermott said...

Yo Moose. Cats are only good for playing with after you've blindsided them with at least a house brick.