Friday, June 27, 2008

Moose version 1.1

He is a different dog. Completely changed. It's astonishing. I took Moose to work with me today (had a meeting first thing so I picked him up at the vet at lunch when I returned to the office). He hung out and mostly slept on the floor behind my chair or on the couch. He likes the couch because a. It's soft, b. It's by the window so he can look out, c. Previous works best when he's conscious, d. Which is rarely.

If dogs wore clothes, he'd have on a Hawaiian shirt, flip flops and be without pants. Do dogs wear pants? Nevermind.

I snapped a picture of him with my crappy camera phone of him doing a dismount from the couch. This move took probably twenty seconds to complete. He's a trip.

I'm downloading the videos of him playing with the neighbor's dog. It'll be up shortly.

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