Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Separation Anxiety Much?

Mooselet is clingy. Major clingy. He apparently has separation anxiety.

This is a big thing with deaf dogs I'm learning. They have to see you. Like all the time. If I walk into another room, Moose Monster has to come and find me. It got pretty bad. Like "I'm getting in the shower and there's a Moose in the bathroom FREAKING OUT" kinda bad! When I'd shut the bathroom door slidey thing he would scratch on it.

So I solicited advice from the OES Mailing list. And I got lots of good ideas to approach this problem.

Major improvements. I let him walk his goofy ass in the shower. No further encroachment was made. I've found that standing by the door when he goes outside helps. He can see me through the glass and he goes about his business. He still prefers me to go out with him but at least we're making some progress.


Girl Thursday said...

I love Moose's blog! And I had to post a comment because of the separation anxiety thing.

My dog, who is not deaf, has severe separation anxiety. This isn't oh-she-gets-bummed-when-I leave kind of stuff; this is serious-shit-is-going-down-at-my-house-when-I'm-gone kind of stuff. We're talking a hole in my wall a 4-year-old child could fit in; we're talking running to the vet with a pup who has bled all over the house with a paw injured from labored scratching. Severe stuff.

Anyway, we're still going through this. There has been some improvement, but there is still a ways to go. We're seeing a dog behaviorist who, in addition to antidepressants (because her case is so severe), has prescribed independence and confidence training. I would recommend both approaches.

Independence training involves teaching the dog that it doesn't have to be in the same room with you. Teach it to lay on its bed in "stay" position--in your case with hand signals--and spend 5 minutes away from it in the other room, then 10, then 20, then 45, and so on. Confidence training comes with just generally teaching the dog other commands and tricks so that the dog knows it's a capable member of the pack.

Also, I just wish you the best of luck because this stuff can be tough! said...

Awwww he just can't get enough of Stewy.

Stew Magoo said...

girl thursday, woah. He's not quite that bad but I can empathize. I'm still learning signing but my next is the "stay" command. I really need to get that one down. He's so wiggly that I'm going to be in for a siege.

Good luck with your furbaby.

Hi Brenda!

14 Karat said...

Hey Stew and Moose.

Hope you are well. I sure miss Baloo-Blue puppy when I see y'all.

Iris said...

I wish I could get in contact with girl thursday because I know EXACTLY what she's going through. I started my own blog about my dog Samson who has ripped hugh holes in the walls, tore up carpet, and much more. I have been scrouching the internet looking for advise and others that have been through or are going through the same thing. They say misery loves company, right? I've posted some pics of his destructive behavior. Take a look