Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Hai!

Rachel Lucas and John Hopkins were nice enough to link to dear sweet Moosafus Maximus Minimus' humble little blog. Welcome all the new visitors! Mini Moose says "Oh Hai!". And here is a giant Moose Face for you!



marla said...

Hai, Moose!

Got here from Rachel's blog and looking forward to digging in.

- Marla

wigglebutts said...

Wow,Moose you have become quite the star!
Now tonight,don't let mom and dad have any covers and you can also become THE BLANKET HOG.LOL!
Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure in chomp your bottom,Moose.

Mother Darla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mother Darla said...

It is clear from the eyes in this pic that what His Royal Dogness lacks in auditory prowess he more than makes up for in personality! What a great person you have with you!

Thanks for letting us all in to Moose's (and your) world.

I, too, am from Rachel's blog. Between the both of you, I might never leave my computer!

Jesse said...

Got here from rachel's blog and love what you're doing! am now an avid follower! please to give moose a scratch for me!

14 karat said...

Ummm. Sorry about leaving the photo link for moose earlier. I did not mean to offend you. I thought you would find it amusing since you enjoyed the one over at Rachel's.
Again, my apologies.

14 karat from Rachel's Place

Stew Magoo said...

14K, no apology necessary! I cracked up!!! Why you think I don't likey?

Stew Magoo said...

Marla, thank you for visiting Mooselet
Wigglebutts (is this a reference to OES?)
Mother Darla, thank you so much for visiting. You're correct that Mr. Moosemonster is filled to the brim with personality. Or is it Puppynality?
Jesse, thank you too! Moose loves visitors. Each time somebody comments I give him a little smooch on the nose. He's in heaven!

wigglebutts said...

Wigglebutts,of course, as in OES.
I read from the OES-L,that Mini Moose was going to get to sleep on the bed,this was yesterday and I responded,on your blog.I think you and your wife are doing a selfless act,by fostering a deaf sheepie.I have been owned by this breed for over 25 years and love them dearly.
There is a lady in Jacksonville,Fl.who only wants and trains OES for therapy work.She is a wonderful person and is very knowledgeable in this field.From what she has told me,she has an older male who she retired from therapy work and found a deaf puppy last year for her new prodigy.I do have her email address,if you are interested in speaking to her.
Love Mini Moose's blog and keep up the good work.

14 Karat said...

Oops. I was the 11:02 comment deleted -- I tossed out a little happy demotivator for Moose with the new photo you posted but perhaps it didn't get recognized. Anyhoo -- there's another little Mini-Moose comment (I think it's 50 or 51) over at Rachel's, just for you.
Good on you. I have all unwanted disabled dogs and have fostered heelers, myownself.